Best Lesbian Bisexual Dating Sites in the USA

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Looking for the best all-around bisexual and lesbian dating site around? If so, you’ll love! Unlike many dating websites, which are only good for finding hookups or serious relationships, Flirt is good for both. Both lesbian and bisexual singles will be able to meet a lot of new people (both singles and couples) on this website, thanks to its large user base of over one million members! You always want to have a lot of options when dating, and Flirt definitely delivers, making it one of the best straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual social platforms around!

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IAmNaughty takes a very different approach than dating sites like Flirt. You won’t be able to find much in terms of romance on this dating service (unless you’re just looking for something casual), but the platform is perfect for finding lesbian and bisexual hookups! Lesbian members will be especially happy since the platform has over 400,000 female users. However, bisexual members also have plenty of options since there are over 600,000 men to choose from. You can use this website for free, but you’ll have to buy a membership to get the most out of the website. Fortunately, pricing is very affordable, with the extended plan coming out to only $0.44 per day!

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NaughtyDate is another one of the many lesbian and bisexual dating sites that focuses solely on casual relationships and hookups. The user base is much smaller for this platform (at only 300,000 members), but on the plus side, there are many more females on this website! Although only 30% of the platform is female, lesbian and bisexual members will still have plenty of hookup options. Although your conversations may be NSFW, the interface is appropriate, which is nice considering the type of audience it’s directed towards. NaughtyDate can be used for free, but they also offer three different membership plans (single month, three months, and six months). As usual, the longest option provides the best value for the money, costing only $17.70 per month.

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Looking to quickly find a relationship online? If so, you’ll love this dating site! Unlike some of the other sites we’ve gone over so far, Quickflirt focuses mainly on casual and serious relationships rather than purely hookups. Bisexual and lesbian members will have over 120,000 attractive female partners (in the US alone) to choose from. However, this site will probably provide better options for bisexual singles than it does for lesbian singles since the service has 280,000 male members (from the US). Interestingly enough, this website used to default everyone to straight. Thankfully, the site has been updated to accommodate multiple sexual orientations, opening up opportunities for everyone!

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Although you might have doubts the first time you view this website (mainly due to its outdated design), the interface still works quite well, and BisexualPassions is actually one of the best lesbian and bisexual dating websites around! This site welcomes members of all genders on the platform, allowing unlimited dating options for its users. With over 100,000 members, both bisexual and lesbian members will have plenty of members to meet, both locally and abroad. This site has a variety of niche-specific chat rooms, which is a unique feature that helps you really narrow down your dating pool to quickly and efficiently find a match.

The Advantage of Using Lesbian & Bisexual Dating Sites

We all know there are many different dating sites online. However, most of these services have one problem in common: they only have a small community of lesbian and bisexual singles! Some of these sites don’t even have designated sections for the LGBT community, leaving lesbian and bisexual singles to track down other singles! That’s certainly not an effective way to conduct online dating, which is why using a specialized service is far better. You can quickly connect with other lesbian and bisexual singles without having to track them down; they make up the entire community!

Why Bi Singles Need to Use Lesbian Bisexual Dating Sites

You already know that lesbian and bisexual dating platforms only consist of people within the community, making it easy to find other singles, but what other advantages do they offer? Well, for one, you won’t have to worry about any discrimination against yourself while online! Another advantage is that lesbian and bisexual dating services often have better interfaces, including the option to describe your sexuality in “Tribes.” This makes finding a compatible partner much easier.

What You Should Look for in a Dating Website

Obviously, not all lesbian or bisexual dating sites are created equal, so there are some things you’ll definitely want to make sure your choice of platform has before committing to a single dating service. The first is a large and active lesbian or bisexual dating community. A site by itself may be great, but without a vast number of members using the service, you won’t have a lot of luck, especially when it comes to finding local matches. Fortunately, you definitely won’t have that issue with any of the lesbian and bisexual dating sites we’ve included on our list!

User Interface

Your experience using lesbian or bisexual dating sites is important. If a dating site is confusing and hard to use, it makes the overall experience using the site poor, which will make it unlikely that you’ll stick to online dating. You definitely don’t want this to happen because online dating is the best way to meet other lesbian and bisexual singles! Although that shouldn’t be a problem with any of the services we’ve included above, you may have issues if you try out different websites. If you do decide to do that anyway, we recommend trying out the free version of the lesbian/bisexual site in question before committing to a paid membership.

Trustworthiness and Reputation

With so many different bisexual and lesbian dating sites available, it can be extremely hard to decide which services are worth taking the time to sign up for. This is where trustworthiness, reputation, and credibility come in. While you can rest assured that all of the bisexual and lesbian dating sites above are reliable and safe to use, the same can’t be said for many other websites. Therefore, if you decide to use a site that’s not on our list, we highly recommend looking up reviews of the dating service before making an account.

Here are the principles of our selection for our top picks

Our rating is based on some facts that should be obvious for any user. We added that all up and picked the best five services out of all platforms we could find online. Here they are:

  • Reputation. What do users think about it?
  • The design: How does it look and is it convenient to use?
  • Userbase: Are there a lot of users? Dead accounts? How many daily visitors are there?
  • Features: the free/premium disctintion, communication between users, and does the site has any unique feature to help it’s members connect?


Ah, lesbian and bisexual dating sites. It sure can get tiresome to look through all these sites for a diamond in the rough, but thankfully the list above should simplify your bisexual and/or lesbian dating journey! With the variety of options we’ve given you, it should be easy to find a service that matches your exact intentions, whether you’re on the hunt for your next hookup or actively seeking a long-lasting relationship. Some websites are better for bisexual individuals, while others are best suited for lesbian singles. Regardless of which site you decide to use, we’re sure you’ll have a great experience while dating online! Remember, dating services are an investment; you only get what you put in. That said, remember to complete your profile, log in every day, and actively seek out new people. Once that’s all said and done, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Happy dating!


How do I choose the best lesbian, bisexual dating site?

It all depends on your taste! Some sites may be better for lesbian dating, while other platforms are perfect for bisexual interactions. Consider multiple options before making a decision. If you plan on primarily accessing the site from your mobile device, make sure that your iOS or Android device has an app available!

How do I meet a girl on dating sites for lesbian & bisexuals?

Simple—just browse local lesbian and bisexual members on the dating websites until you find someone you like. When you do, send them a message!

What should I include in my dating profile to find bisexual females?

You’ll need to have a complete profile (no matter which one of the lesbian or bisexual dating sites you decide to use) if you want the best chance of finding a match. We recommend showcasing your personality in the “About Me” section.
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