Best Free Bisexual Dating Sites in the USA

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OneNightFriend is one of the free dating sites that are perfect for people of all sexual orientations: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or otherwise. This free dating site has over half a million members from the US alone, making it a great option for bisexual dating (they allow both male and female members, although you can’t make couple accounts). If you’re looking for serious dating, then you should look elsewhere. OneNightFriend is mainly for finding hookups!

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LesbieMates is really only for bisexual females since this free dating site only allows women on the platform. Nonetheless, this four-year-old platform has a decently sized online community, which should give you more local options than many other free dating websites. Bisexual women searching for more than just casual connections will definitely enjoy this service since it’s focused primarily on connecting women for long-lasting, serious relationships!

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BeNaughty is another one of the free dating sites that focuses more on casual dating and hookups rather than serious relationships, so if you’re looking for a dedicated service, you can skip over this free option. The site allows both men and women onto the platform, making it perfect for bisexual singles to find partners of either gender. Thanks to a sophisticated search function, you can easily find other bisexual singles nearby sorted neatly into a list, with the closest singles showing up first. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to connect with bisexual singles from far away, you can also do a location-based search.

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Flirt offers the perfect all-around bisexual dating experience. Unlike many other free dating services, you can use this service for chatting with, hooking up with, or finding relationships with other bisexual singles. This makes it one of the best free bisexual dating options you can find since you’ll be able to seriously date and hook up using the same platform, which means you won’t have to waste time signing up for multiple services. Flirt has a massive user base, with over one million members worldwide, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect bisexual partner on this platform.

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Although not as popular as, GirlFriendsMeet is another one of the great free dating sites for bisexual singles. However, bisexual men won’t be able to use this free dating platform since it’s specifically for women. Still, bisexual women will love this site since it has a great layout, large membership base, and friendly community that will quickly connect you to like-minded singles in your area. The only bad thing about this service? There isn’t a mobile app available, so you’ll have to use a browser instead!

The Advantages of Using Free Bisexual Dating Sites

The biggest advantage of using free bisexual dating sites is obvious: they’re free! This means bisexual singles can quickly start their online journey without having to pull out their wallet, ensuring a stress-free start. Of course, most of these websites also offer the option of upgrading to a premium membership, which may be an appealing option for some people. Still, many websites can be used completely for free, which is a great way to get into online courtships.

Why Bi Singles Should Use Online Free Bisexual Dating Sites

Free bisexual dating sites offer an easy way to connect with local singles from the comfort of your own home. Instead of going out to the bar or club, you can simply sit on the couch and chat with attractive singles, which saves you time and money! Especially since free online dating is becoming increasingly popular, dating sites are the best way to find your next sweetheart! You won’t have to go blind to dates anymore; you’ll actually be able to get to know the person you’re going out with before you go out!

How to Tell If a Dating Site is Worth Joining

There are many bisexual dating sites that are completely free; however, just because a site is free doesn’t mean it’s any good. For starters, you’ll want to join a platform with a large member base. The site may be fantastic, but if there’s not a lot of people using it, it will be hard to find matches. The next thing to look for is a straightforward interface. Dating sites shouldn’t be complicated. Also, make sure it offers a variety of communication options. Most services allow text, picture, and video messaging at a minimum.

User Interface

It’s crucial that your choice of free bisexual dating sites (or site) have an easy-to-use interface. No one likes to get frustrated when simply trying to use something, so make sure the site is fully functional on your devices. Not every free bisexual dating platform offers a mobile option, so it’s also worthwhile to ensure a platform is compatible with your iOS or Android device before joining if you plan on mainly dating on the go.

The majority of websites offer a search function. If so, you should check to ensure there are multiple search filters available (such as location, age, gender, and more). Many even offer specific filters like eye color or weight, which can be helpful if you have a specific type of partner in mind!

Trustworthiness and Reputation

We highly recommend only using free bisexual dating sites that have already established a positive reputation. If not, you may run into a variety of problems, including low membership bases, poor dating experience, stolen information, and fake accounts. Lower-quality websites also tend to have a lot of scammer accounts, which may end up in you losing money if you’re not careful! Because of all the problems associated with these types of free dating sites for bisexual matchmaking, it’s best to stick to the reputable websites we’ve recommended above.

Why We Picked These Free Bisexual Dating Sites

The free bisexual dating sites we’ve listed above all have one thing in common: they really work! Of course, that’s not the only reason we chose them. They also offer a good variety of features, are completely free to use, have a well-established user base, and (depending on the site you choose) can easily help you achieve your online goals, whether they are finding online hookups, making friends, or getting into a serious relationship. If you choose to use a site that’s not on this list, we can’t guarantee your chances of success (or that your information will stay safe), so always err on the side of caution when trying out new free dating websites!


It doesn’t have to be complicated when it comes to finding free bisexual dating sites online, and if you choose a site from the list above, it’s not! Free online dating is a great way for any bisexual to find partners you would have never met otherwise, which expands your options and gives you a much higher chance at romance. When you choose one of our recommended websites, you can basically rest assured that you’ll quickly connect with the perfect partner online, so what are you waiting for? Pick out the site(s) that’s best for you, then sign up to start dating!


How do I choose the best free bisexual dating site?

Anyone of the free bisexual dating sites will be a great option for you! However, since different websites are directed towards different demographics, it’s important to make your choice based on that. Some platforms are great for finding hookups but not relationships, while others can quickly find you a relationship but won’t help out your sex life.

What’s the best way to connect with other bisexuals online?

By joining a free dating site, of course! These websites all have large bisexual membership bases full of members from around the US, so you can easily connect with attractive bisexual locals or expand your options and find someone from far away!

What should I include in my dating profile to find other bisexuals?

It’s important to complete your dating profile on any website that you join. This includes the “About Me” section, which helps people know if you’re looking for singles, couples, or friendships. It’s also a great place to show off your personality!
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