Best free bisexual dating apps in the USA

Are you looking for the best free bisexual dating apps in the USA? Well, look no further! Our expert reviewers have reviewed the most popular free bisexual dating apps in 2021. A detailed comparison between the best and the most popular applications for iOS and Android platforms is made for singles looking to spice up their intimate life- and it’s all listed below. Check out the rating, member-base, pricing, as well as the pros and cons of each one of your favorite free bisexual services below!

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Lesbiedates is one of the best free bisexual websites available out there. As the name suggests, it is a hub for lesbian and bisexual women to come together and hook up or build long-term relationships. The website is featured to allow hookups and casual dating opportunities to a female-dominated demographic. There is a free plan available and also a 1-day and weekly trial for those who want to experiment before committing to the service.

Membership database:
750,000 registered users.
Male vs Female Members:
Female dominated, 100%
1 day - $0,99/day
1 week - $0.71/day
1 months - $0.69/day
3 months - $0.39/day
Safe to use
Good search functions
Easy registration process
Slightly confusing pricing policies
Not a huge user base
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Hookupdaters is a simple and fun site that also caters to bisexuals due to the almost equal male and female audience and lots of LGBT dating and matchmaking options, making it one of the best free bisexual websites. The website has a clean interface that is easy to navigate. There aren’t that many users, yet the platform has a lot of active members returning on a daily basis!

Membership database:
320,000 weekly active members.
Male vs Female Members:
Male: 37% Female: 63%
1 day - $0,99/day
1 week - $0.71/day
1 months - $0.69/day
3 months - $0.39/day
Protection form non-verified users
Options to report suspicious accounts
User-friendly interface
Extended search functions
Simple registration process
Flirt cast helps you come up with a simple pickup line
Relatively new
No mobile application
The slightly higher number of fake profiles
Full member photographs available only in premium plans
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Upforit is made for a simple purpose: asking eligible singles if they are up for it, with “it” being a night full of mutual pleasure (or a classy date – your choice). The whole website is created around the idea of hooking up for casual encounters without the fear of commitment. As you might have guessed already, the key demographic here is the younger generation looking to spice things up a little. The dating mix also includes a lot of bisexuals, making it one of the best free bisexual sites.

Membership database:
700,000 registered members.
Male vs Female Members:
Male: 49% Female: 51%
1 day - $0,99/day
1 week - $0.71/day
1 months - $1.07/day
3 months - $0.39/day
Verified accounts are given profile badges
Simple registration process
Safe Mode
Two trial options
Comes with a ready-to-use mobile version for free bisexual dating
Restricted messaging
A lot of pop up ads, even in premium
Basic search filter
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Hookupsfinder is a website that is designed to help you meet easy women. An easy woman is the kind of woman who is eager to have casual sexual relationships without delving too much into the nitty-gritty of the arrangement. A lot of times, they’re bi, so this platform can be a great source of hookups for singles looking for a B in LGBT! The website allows you to browse through a huge base of users to spend the night with. It also encourages long-term dating among bisexual men and women, making it one of the best free bisexual sites.

Membership database:
5 hundred thousand registered members.
Male vs Female Members:
Male: 52% Female: 48%
3-day trial: $4.24 ($1.41/credit)
1 month - $36.41/month
3 months - $20.41/month
6 months - $16.50/month
Easy to use interface
Promote your account without paying with FlirtCast
Affordable memberships
“Satisfaction guarantee” policy
A lot of active members
Supports video uploading
High tech safety measures
Free search tool
Limited search results for free users
Some fake profiles
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Bisexualpassions is one of the best free bisexual dating websites that allows you to find love in the bisexual community! The key demographic for the users of this website include bisexual men and women in their early twenties and thirties. Older bisexual individuals, as well as couples, are also part of the community. is unique in the sense that it not only allows you to look for love online. It also allows you to find meaningful friendships that last for a long time!

Membership database:
129,000 weekly active members.
Male vs Female Members:
Male: 62% Female: 38%
Inexpensive paid plans
Easy to navigate
Comes with access to a lot of dating sites
Slightly outdated privacy measures
No many active members

Advantages of free bisexual dating apps

Free bisexual dating services allow you to have greater control of your sex life. Here are some of the advantages of using free bisexual dating brands:

  • Communicate with potential partners
  • Share pictures before a date
  • Explore each other’s interests
  • Find out what works for the other person
  • Explore multiple potential partners at once

All of the platforms mentioned above allow for free bisexual interactions as well as unisexual people to explore their potential partners. These apps let you dive into the pool of singles in your area so that you can make the best of your online experience. Plus, they offer all of this while keeping your privacy as their first priority!

Why Use Online Free Bisexual Dating Apps?

If you are wondering whether or not free bisexual dating apps are right for you, here are some reasons why you should sign up as soon as possible. Free bisexual dating apps meant for singles allow you to:

  • Explore singles close to you
  • Seek other bisexuals easily
  • Indulge in your preferred sexuality without judgment

These are only some of the reasons why using free bisexual dating apps is a good idea for anyone who is looking to explore their options in the singles’ world. Not to mention, most of these services meant for bisexual singles work on both iOS and Android operating systems so that you can explore your sexuality without barriers.

What to look for in a free bisexual dating app?

What makes a dating app for singles a good free bisexual app? The answer is extensive but simple. There are some features that each and every free bisexual app meant for singles promises to its user base. However, some features always take priority over others.

Here are some of the features that you should look for in free bisexual dating apps:

  • Real People – iOS and Android dating apps should not have fake profiles and bots to allure people into joining them.
  • Large database – Any website featuring a large number of active people every day is usually a good option for singles to use.
  • Free Features – Good free bisexual dating apps always allow a large number of free features to their user base without asking for credit card information at every step.

Other than these core features, there are some other perks that any free bisexual dating app must provide to its user base. Some of these are explained below.

A Clean and Simple User Interface

Any free bisexual app that claims to be user-friendly needs to have a clean and simple user interface. Most people who use only online platforms to look for singles in their area are not particularly tech-savvy. In fact, many people prefer real-life dating over online matchmaking only because they can’t stand a cluttered user interface. A clean and simple user interface allows people to find singles, send messages, explore new love interests, and view pictures with just a few taps.

If the user interface does not provide essential features on the main page, for example, people might be discouraged from using the app altogether.

Trustworthiness and Security

Dating online requires a certain level of user trust that is absolutely essential for the overall experience. Without trust, most people wouldn’t opt for online platforms over traditional methods, and the niche would die out. This is why trustworthiness and security are two of the biggest features any dating app for bisexuals must have!

If a free bisexual dating app protects your personal data from other users as well as third-party buyers, then it can be called a good dating app. A good app for singles must also allow the users to interact with actual single people and not just bots. Having a large user base is of no use if half of the registered users are not even real.

How do we rank free dating apps for bisexual singles?

If you are thinking, “how do I trust this list of best free bisexual dating apps?” It is a totally valid concern. Let us tell you how we carried out our research to find the best free bisexual apps and how they are ranked based on key performance metrics.

All of the services that we recommend for singles and bisexuals are tested on several performance metrics. These metrics include user-friendliness, spam protection, active user base, real to bot member ratio, and the number of free features that a dating app is willing to provide without pushing you to give your credit card details!


In essence, choosing the best free bisexual dating apps is not as easy a task as it might seem. Many online dating apps and websites promise anonymity and a plethora of singles in “your area.” However, a large number of these websites cannot be trusted as they do not offer some important features to their users.

To make this search for the best free bisexual services easy, browse through this list of excellent dating platforms that help you find actual local singles in your area and do not bombard you with bots and scams on every click! Check out these platforms to start looking for the best bisexual singles in your area today!


How to choose the best free dating app for bisexual singles?

Choosing the best free bisexual dating platform depends on your preferences. Read individual reviews to find out if a service works for you.

How to meet a girl on free dating apps for bisexual singles?

Simply add your information and let the free bisexual dating app do its magic. The platform matches you with an eligible single all by itself.

What should I include in my dating profile to find bisexual females?

Other than the required personal information, you should also include your preferences to make things clear up front.
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