Best Free Bi Dating Sites in the USA

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First on our list is, one of the many free bi dating sites on the web. With a fairly large user base consisting of singles looking for love, this site is definitely a great option for all of your free bi dating needs. While it is certainly possible to find hookups on this platform, most singles on here are looking for casual relationships at a minimum. The service itself is self-explanatory, which is great because it means that singles of all ages can quickly start using this free bi dating website without any complications!

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Another one of the free bi dating sites worth checking out is The only real downsides of this website are that a.) it doesn’t have a mobile app, and b.) it’s only for serious relationships. While you might be able to find a hookup on this free bi dating service, the pickings will always be slim (if that’s what you’re looking for, then Together2night would be a better option). Besides those two shortcomings, this site is great! Unlike many other free bi dating sites, Tenderfling always screens all of their new members, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll have to deal with any fake accounts or bots while using this service.

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For those of you who are asking, “Where are the free bi dating sites for hookups?” the answer lies with Forget serious relationships—this free bi dating site is all about hooking up then moving on! The user base for this site is very large (with over 1.5 million members), so you’ll definitely have plenty of options to choose from. This website has a feature called “Flirtcast,” which allows you to send out pre-written messages to multiple members at once. If you use this feature, you can reasonably expect to be talking with a couple of different singles on this free bi dating site within minutes!

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Another one of the best free bi dating sites is You can access this service from your desktop/laptop, a device running iOS, or an Android device, meaning you’ll always be able to connect with this free bi dating platform. The site has a large community of nearly 2 million members, so you’ll easily be able to locate compatible partners no matter where you live. It also offers support for singles as well as couples.

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Having been around since 2001, is definitely one of the well-established free bi dating sites on this list. On this site, you’ll find thousands of bisexual singles looking for love, but you’ll also find many looking for friendship. This helps BisexualFriendFinder stand out on this list of free bi dating sites because although the site is primarily a dating site, it also has sections dedicated to counseling, sharing blogs, & active forums. If you’re not quite sure if you’re ready for a relationship but want to get yourself out there anyway, BisexualFriendFinder is a great place to seek support & find friendship.

The Advantages of Using Free Bi Dating Sites

While it’s true that you can always find a match on generic dating websites if you look hard enough, why bother doing that when you can definitely find a match on a free bi dating service much faster with less effort? The fact of the matter is that dedicated free bi dating websites are the quickest and easiest way to match with compatible singles who share the same desires, experiences, & goals that you do! Plus, with free bi dating platforms, you never have to worry about matching with someone who isn’t interested in your gender; everyone is always open to new opportunities!

Why Bisexual Singles Need to Use Online Free Bi Dating Sites

Beyond the exclusivity that free bi dating websites provide, there are still a variety of benefits that you get from always choosing dedicated and niche services over generic ones. The biggest advantage is a positive community. While some general dating platforms do have positive communities, this isn’t always the case. No one likes negativity when they’re trying to have a good time online, so it’s always best to go where the positivity is. Where’s it at? On free bi dating sites!

What Should I Look for in a Free Bi Dating Site?

We’ve already established that a positive, vibrant community is essential to any one of the free bi dating sites. Without that, your experience will be poor, the matches will be minimal, & if you’re spending any money, you won’t be getting your money’s worth! Speaking of money, price is always something to keep in mind. While all of these services do offer free versions of their free bi dating platforms, you can always pay to get an upgraded membership with more features. This won’t always be necessary, but for some matchmaking platforms, it may be worth looking into. Generally speaking, the longer extended plans offer a better value for your money than the single-month plans do, so take the time to look over the various plan options before making a decision.

User Interface

If your cell phone is laggy, you definitely won’t enjoy using it. The same goes for free bi dating sites! You should always make sure that every feature works smoothly, quickly, and as intended when joining a new free bi dating service. For the most part, you won’t run into any issues if you’re accessing the platform from a computer, but you may run into issues using a mobile device. Although some services offer both iOS & Android apps, some do not, so check that as well. Fortunately, many that don’t have apps still offer optimized mobile web browser versions, meaning you can still date while on the go!

Trustworthiness and Reputation

This should definitely be near the top of the list when considering signing up for new free bi matchmaking sites. You won’t run into any trouble when using the websites listed above (since we have checked & verified them all), but it may become an issue should you decide to try a different free bi dating site. If you do so, we strongly recommend looking around on the internet to find user reviews of the site. This is always informative & could potentially save you a lot of wasted time on a dying or dead platform.

How We Ranked These Free Bi Dating Sites

We used the points above (community, value, interface integrity, & reputation) to choose the best free bi dating sites for our list. Our list provides you with a decent amount of options, no matter where you’re headed in your online dating journey. For casual hookups, our top recommendation is Together2night. Those interested in serious relationships will feel at home when using the Tenderfling service.


Now that you know which free bi dating websites are the best, all that’s left to do is to pick one out & sign up! Remember, you can always decide to switch platforms if you aren’t having any luck. Some sites may have more users in your area than other free bi matchmaking services, so you might have to experiment a bit. Regardless of which one you choose, we’re sure you’ll have a great experience when using one of these services!


How do I decide which free bi dating website to use?

As you already know, there are many different types of free bi dating platforms, so which site you use depends on what you’re looking for. If you just want to hook up, use a hookup site. For real relationships, use a service like TenderFling.

How do I meet a girl on a bi dating site?

Simply find a cute girl & send her a message! Although features vary by site, most free bi dating sites not only show you nearby people they also offer a search function as well.

What information do I need to include in my dating profile?

As much information as you feel comfortable sharing on free bi dating sites. Remember, fully complete profiles tend to get more matches, so make sure to include any relevant details & write something inviting in the “About Me” section of your profile!
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