Best Dating Sites for Bisexual Females in the USA

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This website is designed for lesbian and bisexual females who are interested in being with a female partner. Unlike many other websites, this dating site only allows women to join, so you won’t be able to find any male partners on the site. That said, you may be able to find a transgender partner on this site, so there are still options! A relatively new site at 3 years old, it offers a decent membership base and affordable prices (although the short-term costs will be substantially higher than the long-term plans). Bisexual females who are looking for something serious should strongly consider this website.

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Lesbiedates is another one of the websites that’s exclusively for lesbian and bisexual females. This site is perfect for finding serious relationships (and produces many happy couples every day!), making it an attractive option for romantic lesbian and bisexual females. It’s a little bit older than the previous site (at four years old), which gives it the advantage of a larger community, resulting in more local options for you! Pricing is similar to the previous website, with one month of membership running around $60. Because of this, we highly recommend lesbian and bisexual females buy an extended plan, which only costs $5 more for three months of membership.

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This dating website generally goes by the name “HER”. One of the more popular dating sites on this list, it offers both online dating and social networking options for lesbian/bisexual females (there aren’t any males on this service). The membership base for this website is massive, with over 1 million members from the US alone. Most members use the site mainly for long-term dating, which makes this site a poor option for lesbian and bisexual women looking for hookups. Pricing is excellent, starting from $14.99 for a single month up to $89.99 for an entire year of membership.

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Although this website is specifically for lesbian singles, men make up 40% of the membership base (which is a bit weird, honestly), making it a great option for bisexual females who enjoy both partners of both genders. PinkCupid is one of the few websites that also offers a mobile app, which is perfect for connecting with other bisexual females while on the go. Membership is decent, with approximately 315,000 members worldwide. Pricing is very low; depending on the option you choose, you could pay as little as $8.33 per month, making it an appealing option for bisexual females on a budget.

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Another option for bisexual females is Sadly, like many other dating websites, this site doesn’t offer a mobile app, but it still brings a lot to the table. It offers multiple characterizations, which allows you to identify which types of lesbian you are. This makes it easy to find other bisexual women who’ll match with you. The dating site can be used to find friends, hookups, or serious relationships, which gives bisexual women lots of options to form multiple types of connections with nearby members.

The Advantages of Using Dating Sites for Bisexual Females

It’s no secret; more and more bisexual females are taking to dating services when they’re on the search for love. This, when paired with a continually less in-person social society, makes online courtship the best option for bisexual women to meet attractive singles quickly. Another advantage of online options is that you’re not forced into interactions. If you don’t want to talk with someone, you don’t have to, which gives you a lot more control over the entire experience.

Why Bisexual Singles Need to Use Online Dating Sites

Especially with the ongoing pandemic, meeting singles IRL (in real life) just isn’t a promising option. Instead of wasting hours going out trying to meet people IRL, bisexual females can quickly find the perfect local matches by using dating platforms instead. Some platforms are useable for free, although the premium options will generally connect you with other bisexual females quicker. Dedicated sites for bisexual females are the best since everyone is on the same page when it comes to sexuality.

How to Set Reasonable Expectations for a Dating Site

If you’re new to online dating sites for bisexual females, it may seem overwhelming when you consider how many online dating sites there are. However, there are some important considerations you should keep in mind when choosing a platform. The plus side? You can use these dating site expectations to help find high-quality websites for bisexual females while weeding out the poor ones. Generally speaking, bisexual women should look for services that offer fair pricing, large membership bases, multiple features, and easy-to-use interfaces.

User Interface

The UI (User Interface) is extremely important, especially when it comes to dating sites for bisexual females that offer both a desktop and a mobile version. If you use a dating site with a poor interface, it will take longer to find matches, which means you’re spending more money while meeting fewer bisexual females—no good! Choose a dating site for bisexual females that has a simple, easy-to-use interface. Additional features can be helpful, but you really only need basic features. As long as the site works well, you shouldn’t have any trouble meeting other bisexual females.

Trustworthiness and Reputation

Unfortunately, bisexual females need to watch out for rip-off dating sites. These services will take your money but don’t actually help connect you with bisexual females (or anyone for that matter!). Therefore, it’s important to do some research on your choice of dating site, so you know they are a reputable service. You can usually find reviews of most dating sites from other bisexual females online, which will help you make an educated choice.

How We Ranked Dating Sites for Bisexual Females

We based our choices of the best dating sites for bisexual females based on a few different factors, listed here:

  • Overall Reputation. Does this service have good user reviews? What do bisexual females say about it?
  • UI: Are functions available? Can you reach them intuitively?
  • Membership Base: Does the site have a lot of users? Are they real or bots?
  • Pricing: How affordable are the premium plans? And are they worth their price?
  • Features: How can a new user contact other lesbian or bisexual females? Can you inform other members that you are looking for bisexual females to have fun with you and your partner?

With those specifications in mind, we were able to come up with a great list of online dating options for bisexual women! Of course, it is definitely possible to find other services online that will also provide a great dating experience, but our list focused mainly on lesbian dating services, which are great for finding a female partner.


When it comes to online dating sites for bisexual females, there certainly are a lot of options. Of course, not every site is created equal, which is why we created this list of great dating websites. With the dating platforms listed above, singles have a good variety of choices to help them find friendship, lust, or even love! Online dating remains the best way to meet other singles quickly with matches that actually click, so we recommend that everyone go online when looking for potential partners. If you plan on using a mobile device, you’ll need to check to make sure the service is compatible with your iOS/Android device before signing up. If not, most services for bisexual females offer a mobile-optimized browser version of their services as well. Using this list, you’re sure to find some fantastic local singles!


How do I pick from this list of the best dating sites?

It all depends on why you’re searching for other women. Some dating websites are great for romance, while others can quickly find you a hookup.

How do I meet a girl on dating sites for bisexual females?

Dating sites are designed to make it straightforward to meet other bisexual females. Simply use the search filters offered on the websites, then when you find someone you find attractive, send them a message (or a “Like”!).

What should I include in my dating profile to easily find bisexual females?

You should include your partner preferences in your profiles. Beyond this, most dating sites have an “About Me” section, so you should include a fun and welcoming overview of yourself as a person in this section.
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