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At Bisexualpassions, you’ll discover a dating website that keeps things simple. It doesn’t boast as many features as other platforms, but there’s no shortage of options available here. As with any dating site, it promises to keep people connected, giving members the opportunity to find a successful match.
  • Easy to use
  • Quick registration
  • Active members
  • No app
  • Poor design
  • Some fake accounts
Member Choice 3.5
Match & Search 3.0
Ease of Use 3.3
Privacy & Safety 3.2
Help & Support 2.8
Member Quality - Who Are They?

During our review of any free bisexual dating apps, the first thing we look at is the quality of members. When you join Bisexualpassions, you’ll discover a range of members who are determined to find love. Members are mainly male, but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of female members either. It’s got thousands of members who use the site daily while the average age is around 25 to 34, although there are members older than this seeking dates. If you’re looking for an engaging dating experience, then our review considers members at BisexualPassions to offer everything you’re looking for.

Member Quality - Who Are They?

Signing Up at Bisexualpassions

Unlike many other dating sites out there, our review found some interesting features at Bisexualpassions. Whether you’re someone new to online dating or not, you’ll find a registration process that’s extremely clunky and lacking any creativity. Sure, it works and does what it promises, but our advice is to take your time. It seems to contain a lot of information in several screens asking members to provide their sexual orientation, age, type, and description, while email verification is promising. Overall, Bisexualpassions isn’t inspiring when signing up, but eventually, it gets the job is done which is the aim of the process.

Signing Up at Bisexualpassions
What Safety Features Are in Place?

Once again, our dating review core principle is that the safety of members is paramount. Sure, you’ll see the small padlock in the URL bar, which means that your data is sent securely. This is promising and at least shows that Bisexualpassions takes the safety of your private data seriously. We also discovered a detailed FAQ section for members to use should they have any questions. Furthermore, there is a specific safety section, offering each user the chance to learn all about keeping safe online. We believe that this provides members with the chance to enhance their knowledge and awareness, which is vital.

Searching for Members at Bisexualpassions

If you’re hoping for an intuitive and sleek search function here, you won’t get it. Our review considers the ability to search for members extremely important. Sure, the option to search using Bisexualpassions is detailed; it resembles a page seen on dating websites in the late 90s. Despite this, we cannot avoid explaining that the search can be considered as detailed because it’s possible to search by a whole range of categories, height, and location. Once you get to grips with the function, you’ll soon become familiar with it, but it’s a million miles away from other dating sites out there.

Searching for Members at Bisexualpassions
Are the Members Legitimate?

After joining Bisexualpassions, you’ll want to avoid fake profiles and scam accounts. While this might not be the most advanced dating site out there, it does offer a variety of members to pick from. However, we discovered that many profiles lacked images which made it difficult to determine real profiles from potential fake profiles. We advise taking your time when searching, especially when it comes to people you connect with. We’re not saying that fake profiles are aplenty here, but we preferred to browse profiles with images and found ourselves avoiding those that lacked images and detail.

The History of Bisexualpassions

Bisexualpassions is part of the Passions Network and has been operating for several years. The design of the site might indicate the age of the platform, but it has grown in recent years, with plenty of members using it to find new matches. It’s continuing to grow, which is no surprise given that Passions Network owns more than 260 dating sites.

Bisexualpassions Statistics

Bisexualpassions have been used by many people looking for new dating opportunities. It’s a site that keeps things simple, and it is open to bisexual members actively looking for casual hookups or love. Recently, the site has evolved and has become something more, helping it to become considered more legitimate.

Memberships Base
Member Base Size
Member base size: Thousands of members
Male: 50%
Female: 50%
Relationship Type, Needs, and Status
Status: Single, divorced, open, casual
Relationship type: Bisexual
Geographic Location of Members
  • USA
Free vs Paid Features
Free Features
  • Advanced Search
  • Groups
  • Books
  • Chat
  • Webcam
  • Search
Paid Features
  • Access to the whole Passions Network
Payment Options
1 Month $4.95
Accepted Payment Methods
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

MasterCard Visa


Is Bisexualpassions Safe to use?

This dating site does implement all of the relevant safety precautions. This ensures that members can feel safe while using the dating site.

Is Bisexualpassions a legitimate site?

Yes, this is a legitimate website that gives members access to thousands of members. It’s got a large member base and keeps members protected.

Is Bisexualpassions Free to join?

Yes, it is free to sign up at Bisexualpassions. However, you can upgrade, and that will give you access to more than 260 websites.
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