Best Dating Apps for Bisexual Singles in the USA

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Despite being one of the relatively new bisexual dating apps, LesbieMates still offers a strong community for female bisexuals seeking the company of other females. Truthfully, the bisexual dating options are somewhat limited on this site since it doesn’t allow male members to join, but we wanted to include it anyway simply because of the amazing community it provides. As is the case with many services, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium account if you want to get the most out of this platform, but even free members won’t have any trouble finding compatible matches regardless of their location.

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If you’re less interested in serious bisexual dating and mainly looking for hookups, then BeNaughty is one of the apps you’ll definitely want to check out! This service has a large, active member base that includes singles (and couples) of all identifications and orientations, making it the perfect place to find your next hookup. The layout is very easy to use, and the messaging system works well. You can send text, picture, and video messages on BeNaughty, making it very easy to have a naughty conversation online! This platform is also fairly affordable, although (to be fair) you can find cheaper options out there for bisexual matchmaking services.

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If there wasn’t a large bisexual dating community in your area on BeNaughty, then the next service on your list of app options to check out should be OneNightFriend! Although the services are very similar, you’d have a better chance of finding casual bisexual dating on BeNaughty, whereas OneNightFriend is literally only for hookups. Just like BeNaughty, you can get dirty in the chat via text, pictures, and videos! One big downside of this website is that you’ll really need to upgrade if you want to take advantage of the majority of features. On the plus side, membership is very cheap, starting at only $17.70 per month.

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Unlike the previous two apps, Flirt is perfect for serious dating, casual dating, hookups, and even finding friendship! This extremely popular service has over one million members around the globe, which nearly guarantees you’ll be able to find a match nearby. Arguably the greatest achievement of Flirt is the gender ratio of its user base, which is 60% female, 40% male. You’ll enjoy many more options (both opposite and same-sex) on this platform than you’ll find on most other services, making it extremely attractive for singles who alternate between genders. Flirt is possibly one of the best bisexual dating services around, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

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Searching for bisexual dating applications that also double as social networks? If that sounds like you, then you’ll certainly want to give BisexualPassions a try! Although the community is on the small side at around 100,000 members, this service stands out for its simplistic (though outdated) interface, active community, and wide variety of specialized chat rooms. Another great feature? They have group listings that help you connect with other singles at the same step of the bisexual dating process as you, whether you’re “single but curious” or a fully loud and proud bisexual!

Why Bisexual Dating Apps Are the Best Way to Date Online

Truthfully, you can enjoy bisexual dating on nearly any of the dating apps on the market today. However, your chances of quickly find a match are much higher if you use a dedicated bisexual dating service as opposed to a general one. The problem with general services is that they have a general population, which means some of the singles you find attractive may not be interested in you. This isn’t good because you may accidentally waste time flirting with someone only to find out that they “don’t swing that way.” The best way to avoid this headache? Only use our recommended bisexual dating services!

Why Bi Singles Should Use Online Bisexual Dating Apps

Like we mentioned above, using strictly bisexual dating services will result in a much smoother dating experience while keeping you safe from potential mismatches. However, there are a couple of additional reasons why you should choose bisexual dating services over general ones, such as a sense of community. Bisexual dating platforms are generally a lot more open-minded, which means you can freely express yourself without having to worry about the opinions of others. Another bonus? You’ll find matches a lot quicker!

What Makes A Bisexual Dating App Good?

The requirements for what makes bisexual dating apps good are essentially the same as what makes other online apps good. First, they need a large and active community. Otherwise, you’re unlikely to actually find any matches on the bisexual dating service! Secondly, they need to have an easy-to-use interface because no one wants to struggle when trying to find matches online. Lastly, they also need to have a wide variety of features to help you communicate with other singles. Text, picture, and video messaging are all standard features when it comes to these types of platforms. It’s also a bonus if they offer both iOS and Android apps since not all services do.

User Interface

As mentioned above, having a good user interface is essential for bisexual dating services. Since some services allow you to access them from both desktop and mobile devices, it’s most important that your version of choice works well. However, ideally, both versions will work flawlessly so you can seamlessly transition from at-home bisexual dating to on-the-go bisexual dating. You won’t have any trouble while using the services listed above, but if you should decide to try a different service, take the time to test out all of the features (to make sure they work properly) before making a commitment.

Trustworthiness and Reputation

There’s no point in using bisexual dating apps that have developed a poor reputation. This could happen for a variety of reasons, such as a large number of fake accounts, an inefficient interface, or even a small member base, but regardless of the reason, they all end in one thing: a bad bisexual dating experience. When considering a new bisexual dating platform, it pays to take the time and do some research before spending any money. However, you can feel free to instantly invest in any of the platforms above since we’ve already double-checked them for reputation & reliability!

How We Chose Our List of the Best Dating Apps for Bisexual Singles

We made our choices for the best bisexual dating apps based on the points we reviewed above: community, interface, features, and reputation. While the community sizes vary across the list, all of the bisexual dating sites we’ve included have big enough membership bases to provide excellent experiences. That said, the world of bisexual dating apps is constantly changing, so we encourage you to check back in as we’ll be updating this list when necessary!


Hopefully, now you’ve realized the importance of choosing the proper bisexual dating apps for all of your bisexual dating needs. The world of online courtships can be complicated at times, but with the proper guidance and services, anyone can find their perfect match with minimal effort. Tired of being single? Sign up for one of the services above, and go find your sweetheart today!


How do I pick out the best site for meeting bisexual females?

When using bisexual dating apps or websites, you’ll usually have the best luck on platforms that have the most people nearby. Therefore, you should try out multiple services to see which one yields the best results!

What’s the best way to meet a girl on a dating site?

First, find a girl you think is attractive on your choice out of the many bisexual dating apps or websites, then send her a message. After you talk for a bit, propose meeting up in real life!

What information should I include in my profile?

You should only include information that you feel comfortable sharing with the general public. That said, remember that users on sites and apps who have complete profiles tend to get more matches!
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