The best bi dating sites in the USA

Finding the top-rated bi dating sites in the USA can be a difficult task. The Internet is swarmed with both real as well as fake dating websites and apps that promise to find love for singles and couples alike. However, it can prove to be very tedious to find which platforms work and which ones are just pure scams.

Thankfully, we have created a list of the best matchmaking services in the USA to help you find true love. These websites allow you to look for singles and couples in your area looking to turn things up a notch! Read more below.

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Quickflirt is easily one of the best bi websites. With over a million registers users worldwide, it is also one of the biggest! The website works exactly as the name suggests; people who are looking for a quick date are brought together and given a chance to flirt – nothing too complicated.

Membership database:
830,000 weekly active members.
Male vs Female Members:
Male: 50% Female: 50%
1 day - $0,99/day
1 week - $0.71/day
1 months - $0.69/day
3 months - $0.39/day
Large membership pool
Best for hook-up enthusiasts
Offers video chats
Offers a 3-day trial
Membership discounts
The free plan does not offer much freedom
Not suitable for finding serious long-term dates
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Tenderfling is a dating site that allows you to find the love of your life by helping you explore polyamorous relationships. Since the idea is to introduce more than two people in the relationship, the idea binds itself nicely into the list of matchmaking services! The interface is simple and there are a lot of great features on offer.

Membership database:
600,000 members.
Male vs Female Members:
Male: 45% Female: 55%
1 day - $0,99
1 week - $0,86 per day
1 month - $23,15 per month
3 months - $12,98 per month
Clear and easy interface
A huge member base
Provides member distance as an additional metric
Search filters could use an overhaul
Not as feature-rich as you would like
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Together2night is a wonderful platform for people to find casual love as well as a serious, long-term commitment! The website has a huge member base that consists of a large proportion of men, women and lots of LGBT individuals, making it one of the best bi dating sites! The user interface on the website is simple and easy to navigate. This service also has a high success rate when it comes to finding your love. However, it is not available globally.

Membership database:
1,000,000 registered members.
Male vs Female Members:
Male: 48% Female: 52%
1 day - $0,99
1 week - $1 per day
1 months - $0,96 per day
3 months - $0,54 per day
Let’s you meet people on the go
Efficient matchmaking algorithm
Slightly expensive
Doesn’t have a global presence
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Gaystryst, unlike many LGBTQ dating sites, is an exclusive dating site for gay men. There is no option for women to sign up on this website. The website features a huge user base with gay males, usually in their twenties or thirties. However, older men are also part of the website’s demographics. The website is extremely easy to navigate and is loaded with features, making it perfect to find your bisexual dating partner if you’re leaning more on the masculine side of gender spectrum.

Membership database:
580,000 monthly visitors globally.
Male vs Female Members:
100% Gay Males.
1 day - $0.99
1 week - $7.00
1 month - $27.01
3 months - $45.44
Feature loaded
Easy to use interface
Perfect for finding a male lover
Some complaints of suspicious activity
Does not come with an app
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Bisexualpassions is one of the few legit bi dating websites that cater to this specific demographic. The website is also unique in the way that it lets its members find love as well as long-term, meaningful friendships. The key demographic for members is the bisexual community with a slightly male-dominated curve. offers both free and paid plans to its members. The website is also available in a lot of countries globally so that you can continue searching for love no matter where you are!

Membership database:
129,000 weekly active members.
Male vs Female Members:
Male: 62% Female: 38%
Inexpensive paid plans
Easy to navigate
Comes with access to a lot of dating sites
Slightly outdated privacy measures
No many active members

Bisexual dating online – what’s it like?

Being a bisexual trying to date online is an experience unlike any other. Although bisexuality is pretty common in the USA, there are many places, even in the developed world, that look at bisexuality with contempt. This problem is only aggravated by a lack of bisexual-exclusive dating sites that could have catered to the demographics specific needs. These and other such reasons make it harder for bi sexual people to try and engage with other singles and couples online.

The online experience for bisexual people is difficult, as you can already tell. However, there are more than just one or two reasons that make it harder for singles and couples alike to express the true nature of their sexuality online.

The difficulties for bi-sexual dating online

Although the websites and apps listed above provide an adequate online dating experience for bisexual people, there are almost no exclusive websites meant for bisexual singles and couples. In fact, there are very few iOS and Android apps for bisexuals as well. This problem is drastic because it leaves people with an affinity to both genders without any digital outlet whilst living in the digital age.

Another reason for this difficult online dating experience for bisexual people is that their sexuality is often hypersexualized on the Internet. Since their afflictions are blown out of proportion, bisexuals become too straight for the same gender and too gay for the opposite one!

How to find the best bi dating sites in the USA?

As mentioned above, there aren’t many exclusive bi dating sites available. However, the ones listed above do a wonderful job of catering to the bi singles and helping them find other singles and couples. But the question remains, what makes any of these dating sites any good? Well, the answer is simple. Here are some of the prominent characteristics of the best bisexual websites:

  • Free of discrimination – All sites that actually work and attract real bi singles and couples usually have an active no-discrimination policy.
  • Actual bi individuals – What good is a dating site without actual people on it? The answer is no good. Real bi individuals dominating the demographics are essential for these dating sites.
  • Free features – As with all other great online dating sites, any bi dating site that provides free features for non-member users is appreciated.

There are also other fine metrics to find the best dating sites. These are discussed below.

User Interface

This is the simplest metric that evaluates all bi dating sites and apps for their usability. If the user interface is not simple enough for users to be able to float around easily, it’s no good. People prefer easy-to-use interfaces on bi dating websites to make sure that they actually find other singles and couples looking for the same things.

The online experience is already crippled with many daunting doubts. Difficult interfaces that make it hard for people to navigate through to find their objectives only add to the list of doubts around the idea of online dating sites and apps.

Security & Credibility

Since there is already growing concerned in the bi sexual community for not having access to any exclusive bi websites, it only makes sense that they look for security and protection in the ones that exist. Bi dating sites like the ones mentioned above provide adequate anti-discrimination measures and privacy features for bisexual singles and couples. This is extremely important because it makes online dating for bi individuals a fun experience! The only thing that makes it all better is the fact that all of these websites also provide protection against security breaches, as well as protection against harassment and bullying, even with their free plans!

How does our ranking for best bi sites work?

Our ratings for the best bi dating sites in the US are based on carefully curated performance metrics. These performance metrics evaluate a dating site’s popularity, trustworthiness, and effectiveness. They also evaluate whether or not a certain paid plan for any bi dating site is worth investing in or not.

The performance metrics that affect our ratings include the user base, male to female ratio of bi dating sites, online reviews, daily active members, real people to bot ratio, and the features given in both the free plan and the premium plan. All bi websites that fulfill this criterion are included in our dating websites recommendations.


In essence, choosing the best bi websites is not simple. There are multiple metrics involved that need to be carefully monitored beforehand. Many online dating apps and websites promise anonymity and an abundance of eligible singles in your vicinity. However, very few of them actually stand by their claims.

To make this search for the best bi dating apps a little less painful, browse through our list of bi websites and apps that help you find real, local singles in your area. None of these sites bombards you with bots and scams. Therefore, you should check out these websites from the list above right now!


How to choose the best bi dating app?

The best bi dating app is the one that caters to your dating preferences. Check out reviews for each app to find out more.

How to meet a girl on dating apps for bi singles?

Meeting girls on these dating apps and websites is easy. Fill in your information and let the platform do its magic!

What should I include in dating profile to find bi singles?

Your required personal information as well as your declaration of preference for bi singles or individuals – whichever you like!
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