Best Bi Curious Dating Sites in the USA

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Relatively new to the bi curious dating scene, Hookupdaters is one of the many sites that deal only with hookups or—at most—casual dating. Although it was formed in 2019 and thus hasn’t had a lot of time to grow, Hookupdaters still maintains an active membership base sure to help you in your bi curious dating journey. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t have an iOS or an Android app available as of yet, but the fully mobile-optimized website will definitely work just fine on nearly any device. Although an app would have certainly been preferred, it’s nice to know that you can still enjoy bi curious dating on the go.

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Another small but fun website is Perfect for all your casual bi curious dating needs, this site is all about sexy times and dirty deeds. Most of the users on this bi curious dating site fall between the ages of 18 to 44, which is slightly wider than most sites. This works out because it gives you a wide variety of bisexual singles looking fun times without any strings attached. Unfortunately, messaging is a paid feature, but you do get five free chats before you need to upgrade, which is better than nothing!

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Continuing along the line of bi curious dating sites for finding hookups (which is, after all, a great way for bi curious individuals to figure out their sexuality), we come to another site: At nine years old, this bi curious dating site has had a lot more time to grow and mature, which is why it has such a refined interface. While it’s nothing original, the site works, and it works well, making it a great first option to find other available singles (or couples) online.

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First, let’s get the pricing out of the way. A single month of membership on this bi curious dating site costs $59.97, which is much higher than the cost of most other bi curious dating sites. The good news? You can pick up three months of membership for only $64.90, a far better value for your money. This bi curious dating site is really only for men seeking men since they don’t allow women onto the platform. Nonetheless, if you think you may be interested in guys, you’re sure to connect with one out of the thousands of members on this website!

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Like Bromodates, this bi curious dating website is gender exclusive; only this time, only women can join! GirlfriendsMeet takes things a bit further than most other dating sites, bidding itself as not only a bi curious dating platform but a social network as well. GirlfriendsMeet offers a secure service before for any females who’ve never been with a girl but are curious about bi curious dating, as it’s safe from the male gaze. The only fault of this service (which is common among these types of websites) is that there’s no mobile app available; besides that, the site is golden!

The Numerous Advantages of Using Bi Curious Dating Sites

Bi curious dating services offer a far superior experience than general dating sites for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is the makeup of the community. With a general site, you’ll have a mixture of straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals. This may seem great, but since these services usually don’t do a good job at offering clear sections for the LBGT community, it can be hard to find someone interested in a same-sex encounter. If you’re new and still shy about being bi curious, this can be a serious deterrent, so it’s always best to stick with dedicated bi curious dating platforms!

Why It’s Best to Use Online Dating Sites for Bi Curious Singles

The members make up the community, and in general, the LBGT community is actually very welcoming. This is perfect for bi curious individuals who may have a hard time expressing their sexuality since they can present themselves accurately without worrying about the opinions of others. Although possible, this may not go as smoothly on general dating services because they have such a wide demographic. Unfortunately, there are still people who detest the LBGT community, and these are the people who will harass you online for no good reason. The plus side? You won’t find them on a bi curious dating service!

What Makes a Bi Curious Dating Site Good?

Bi curious dating websites can be good or bad for the same four reasons: community, features, user interface, and reputation. We’ve already gone over the importance of community, so next, we’ll touch on features. Many platforms offer multiple communication options (many of which are available in the iOS or Android versions), but the important part is that they are genuinely useful. Ultimately, this depends on how the tools are developed. For example, a matching game that shows you local singles is helpful. However, one that matches you with randoms from across the world is unhelpful. Unfortunately, some bi curious dating platforms (although not the ones on our list) do include useless features like this, so it’s something to watch out for.

User Interface

Having multiple features is great unless they are hard or impossible to use. Much like a phone, features on bi curious dating sites can sometimes have glitches or even complete breakdowns! While this is unlikely to happen on a reputable bi curious dating site, it does happen on low-quality brands, which is why we recommend sticking to the sites from our list. Also, a good user interface means everything will be easy to find and access. This is especially important on iOS and Android devices, where smaller screens mean things may pose a challenge.

Trustworthiness and Reputation

Bi curious dating sites earn bad reputations for a reason. This could be from a horrible community, poor interface, or even a lack of features. Avoid these—you’ll waste a lot of time and effort trying to push a rock uphill. Instead, choose one of the reputable sites from the list above. These tried-and-true services provide excellent bi curious dating experiences free from all the complications and headaches you may find on alternative websites.

How We Chose Our Recommendations

While choosing our recommendations, we picked bi curious dating sites based on their community qualities, reputation, user interface/general layout, and the variety of features they offered. None of the sites listed provide exactly the same experience, which gives you (the reader) a lot of options when it comes to bi curious dating. Even if it’s your first time, you’ll easily be able to navigate these brands and find yourself quickly welcomed into a positive community of LBGT singles just waiting to chat.


Between our list of the best bi curious dating brands and our list of important dating site qualities, we’re sure by now you know exactly what to look for when searching for bi curious dating opportunities. We recommend trying multiple websites out to see which one works best for you. Remember, completed profiles tend to get more matches than incomplete ones, so fill your profile out as much as you feel comfortable doing!


Which website is best for a bi curious individual like me?

There are many different bi curious dating sites for you to choose from, so which one you use will ultimately depend on if you’re looking mainly for hookups or want to find something more.

How do I connect with a girl on a bi curious dating website?

Just like anywhere else on social media, bi curious dating sites work the same way—just send them a message or shoot them a “Like”!

Do I need to complete my dating profile?

Technically, no, you don’t have to complete your profile. However (and especially with bi curious dating sites) you will have a lot easier time finding matches if you do complete the information.
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