The Difference Between Bisexual Dating Sites and Hookup Sites

hookup sitesThe distinction between a bisexual dating site and a hookup site may not be much pronounced. However, the fact remains that each has its own unique features and the target population/audience. We are going to discourse the remarkable distinctions between a bisexual dating site and a hookup site to help you choose the most suitable one that best fits your dating needs and requirements.


  • Compatibility in matching: Bisexual dating sites usually have strong matching engines, which can easily pair people based on mutual attractions, and preferences they clicked-on. They also offer chat invitations to match, and other matching features for people who are looking for anything from hookups, lovers to intimate relationships. This may not be true for hookup sites; they usually match their users based on locality and the type of subscription package bought by the user.
  • The possibility of a date, relationship and marriage: Hookup sites exist for casual hookups and dates, while bisexual dating websites have helped several individuals to get a lasting relationship, which in many occasions have led to happy marriages all over the world. However, the possibility of getting a date on a hookup site is very high because of the population of site users, but such dates have lower probability of leading to serious relationship or marriage.
  • Site users/target audience: Bi dating websites are platforms where like-minded bisexual singles and couples can get to connect. Therefore, the target audience and users of a bi dating site are bisexual individuals who are looking for an opportunity to know other bisexuals or straight people. Nonetheless, most hookup site users are sexually straight people who seek for casual relationships and dates.
  • Discussions in the site forum: Bisexual dating website forums usually have bisexual-related kind of topics under discussions. This is uncommon with most hookup sites, which usually have topics that can interest two opposite sex on the floor within the forum.
  • Popularity: Hookup sites are by far more popular than bisexual dating sites. However, with more people being open about their bisexuality, bisexual dating sites are becoming very popular. Furthermore, with the growing number of bisexual dating sites who also engage their users in casual hookups and dates, more and more people are expected to turn to bisexual dating sites in no distant future.
  • User’s privacy: Most hookup sites may not take users’ privacy very serious, they can easily give out users’ personal information to other sites or users within the site. However, bisexual dating sites always try to make sure that the security of their site users’ information and privacy in paramount. They make an effort to safeguard such information and personal details.
  • Difference in names: Bi dating sites usually have “bi or bisexual” attached to the site’s name, for instance: BisexualFish, BisexualFriendfinder, BisexualPlayground Etc. However, hook up sites can go by any name that would depict that such site is a hook up site.

From the above discussions, we have successfully differentiated between a bisexual dating site and a hookup site. It is evident from the foregoing that bisexual dating sites are much beneficial than normal hookup sites. Therefore, if you are looking for a dating site, I urge you go to a good bisexual dating sites that has all the features we have already discussed.