Six Things You Can Do To Support Your Bisexual Partner

In a world where bisexuality is so overlooked and denounced, having a bisexual partner for the first time can turn out to be a little overwhelming. It is quite natural to wonder how the relationship dynamic could be affected due to your differing sexualities. Supporting your bisexual partner isn’t just about your thoughtfulness, it goes further than that. Here are some amazing things you can do to be the best partner to your bisexual another half.

  • Let them talk about their previous relationships

It is very normal and a part of our history to mention exes in conversation. It might feel weird for you to imagine them with the similar sexes. You might feel insulted or even end up comparing yourself unfavorably, wondering if you’re “enough” for them. But there’s no reason to be jealous or dismissive of the exes because they’re with you now and that’s it. And in the case of an open relationship? Accepting “hearts, not parts” applies even more.

  • Don’t keep asking them which they prefer:

It’s all right to ask them once, but don’t be repetitive! They prefer YOU right now, and that’s all that matters. It’s true that many bisexuals do have a gender preference but just because they have the hots for three women and seven men in one year, doesn’t mean the crushes on the women were any less intense.

  • Trust them:

Bisexual does not necessarily mean a huge risk of clandestine affair with someone else. Monogamous relationship is achievable in a bisexual relationship just like in heterosexual relationships. Believe them when they say that they’re loyal. Bisexuality does point towards reducing people to their gender identities and requiring a taste of everything. It just means that the gender of an individual is less of a concern for them than it is for you.

  • Don’t feel troubled to ask them questions, though:

It is inevitable to share thoughts and really open up to each other in a relationship. Instead of piling up misconceptions and let them sabotage the relationship, it is better to clear all the doubts. If you want to ask them when they first realized that they were bi or do they miss their previous relationships, go ahead. As long as it doesn’t hurt their sentiment, feel free to ask them questions.

  • Educate your friends:

When your friends ask you awkward questions, don’t just overlook or brush them off for the sake of avoiding heated discussions. Use this chance to make them think a little more deeply about what they’re saying. No matter how lighthearted it might seem, it is not okay to let them actively tease your partner for their bisexuality. With a little help, they might even be the next one to have a possibility of happiness with a bi partner.

  • Allow them to use the ‘B’ word to describe themselves:

Calling themselves bisexual does not mean they are not in for the long haul with you. It’s just what they’re identified as, so respect it. They don’t become straight just because they’re dating you. ‘Bisexual’ is an honest acknowledgement of their identities and they should be able to use the term with ease.