Is Bisexual Dating Similar to Sex Dating or Just for Sex

Understandably, relationships can be complicated and very much so. Dating a bisexual person can pose as much complications as two straight persons involved in dating. But, let’s face it, bisexual relationships are not just put together for sex, at least not in all cases. Everyone has a need for affection and love and this explains why we may not stay in a no-strings-attached relationship for too long. Even when the relationship starts as a casual, sex-for-fun one, most people grow into showing love and affection for their partners. So it happens with bisexual dating. It is not all about the sex; dating has a lot to offer the bisexual in terms of self fulfillment and satisfaction.

However, before the relationship with a bisexual is kick started, one should become aware of the peculiarities that such relationships hold so as to avoid complications. The following are the things you should consider before dating a bisexual so you are not put in the sex dating box.

  1. Respect for the Bisexual’s Identity: Bisexuals consider themselves to be so whether they are dating a person of the same or opposite sex. The mistake one may make is to think that if a bisexual is dating a person of the same sex then such a one is homosexual. Also if dating a person of the opposite sex, then it means the person is heterosexual at that material time. This is not usually the case and the identity of the bisexual person and their choices per time should be respected if the relationship will have to move on beyond the stage of just sex to that of commitment.
  2. Understand the Bisexuals Do not Prefer One Sex Over the Other: If you are going into a serious relationship with a bisexual, you must understand that the person has attractions for members of both opposite sex, not necessarily that you are preferred above others. Understand that the fact that the person is dating you means that he/she was attracted to you as an individual and stay true to that attraction. When you show understanding in this regard, the potential for some conflict situations would be lessened if not completely eliminated.
  3. Don’t Generalize Promiscuity: Some people are in the habit of going on hasty generalization trips to say that bisexuals are promiscuous. Many people are of this erroneous viewpoint. What they fail to realize is that in as much as there are homosexuals and bisexuals out there having loads of casual sex with different partners, the same can be said of heterosexuals who are also doing the same. What matters most in relationships is the character of the person involved. Stereotyping can be a major turn-off and a hindrance to commit in a relationship. So while we agree that bisexual relationship may not be cut out for sex only, the attitudes of the persons involved can hugely undermine this.
  4. Ask Questions Where Necessary: Effective communication is very crucial to the long term survival of any relationship. In view of the fact that there would always be doubts from time to time, it is important to pop up questions and seek clarifications when and where necessary. Not doing this will open up the door for assumptions, jealousy and conflict. Seek to discover more about your bisexual partner’s sexual orientation and understand the demands that such may place on you. Is it going to be a sex dating or a committed relationship? You need to find out as much as possible about the person you are dating and the distinctive features of your relationship. So, always keep a clear and open line of communication.
  5. Be Honest and Open-Minded: Honesty and open-mindedness are critical requirements for success in bisexual dating. Remember that apart from the questions you have in your mind, people will ask you questions too. You need to be honest about your relationship at all times and to keep an open mind. Do not allow yourself to be gagged by the usual assumptions and typical expectations for bisexuals out there. Remember that you are unique and so is your partner. Your relationship is unique too.