Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Bisexual People

People have weird perceptions about bisexual people and most of these notions are dead wrong. While bisexual people have a biology setup that many people do not understand, they can make very loyal people in a relationship. On the outside, they are the subjects of many wrongful perceptions that have made them the victims of the same notions. If you have started a relationship with a bisexual lady or gent, then we have some advice for you. Here are a few aspects you need to do and not do to have the best relationship with bisexual people. Whatever you do, do not give off those weird looks people give anyone they know is bisexual.

The Do’s

  • Trust them; most people make the mistake of thinking just because they are bisexual it means that they will easily cheat on them since they can date either men or women. It looks natural to think this way, but bisexuals also have feelings and make strong emotional attachments that will not be subjected to their sexual orientations. Either they love a woman or they love a man and that is just it. Not two people at the same time. For all you may know, they are among the best partners one can find anywhere else.
  • Leave them their identify; stop erroneously thinking that having a lady dating a bisexual lady makes the latter a lesbian or that her dating a man will make her straight. Most people make the mistake of thinking they can change the sexual orientation of another person just by dating them. Leave identify alone for only they are allowed to decide it on their own. Men, especially like bragging about having turned on a lesbian or something. The truth is their choice and not yours to make on who to date. Always keep that in mind to avoid any misunderstandings between you and your date. Also, focus on your relationship and the way you will make it better rather than thinking you can get away thinking you are dating a weirdo.
  • Have a normal relationship with them; they can stay in the relationship as much as everyone else and they need you know that. There is a wrongful perception that a bisexual dating a person of the same or opposite sex will always have another person on the side just to keep up with their sexuality. However, the fact that their feelings can go either way does not mean they will go either way at all times. Rather, they will keep to the relation they have just like everyone else. If your partner cheated on you, it will be because of their own notions of life. Always recall that trust is a vital aspect in a relationship and it does not depend on their sexual orientation. Anyone can cheat if they decide to do so. If you are going into a relationship with that notion, then you are better off being alone.

The Don’ts

  • Asking for a threesome; thinking that a bisexual lady or guy will always agree to a threesome is one of the biggest mistakes people always tend to make. While it sounds like a natural thing for them to do (after all they are attracted to both men and women), not everyone fancies sharing their sexuality with another person just because of their sexual orientation. Being a man does not mean that one will be willing to sleep with many ladies at once. The same is true with the ladies and sleeping with many men at once. It is actually gross asking that especially on the first day.
  • Asking them if they are greedy; there is also the hurtful notion that bisexual people are simply greedy and want it all always. It seems like a great joke to some people, but deep inside it really hurts those who are telling this joke. It will be almost an insult when you use this line each time and you should restrain from it. People think it is a way to increase your chances of getting a date as you have a bigger pool of potential dates but it is not a choice people make for themselves. It is not greed but reality.

Asking if they are actually bisexual; by the time someone tells you they are bisexual, they are sure of what they are telling you. So if you would mind not asking them if they are really bisexual, you will be doing yourself a good service. The chances are that you will be leaving before long, since it all boils down to trust issues. If you cannot trust them with their sexual orientation, then you will not trust them with anything else in your life. Without trust, then there is no need for a relationship.